Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tea- Pleasant, Aromatic and Simply Refreshing!

Hmmm.. a nice, aromatic and simply amazing beverage! Every time I drink tea I feel that I am just reborn.

Well, it's that rejuvenating and refreshing. Tea is a favourite beverage in many oriental countries but it is also extremely popular in England.

Tea was originally and accidentally discovered by the Chinese Emperor Shen Nung when the dried leaves blew in his hot cup of water. He may have had no clue that this new drink would cause such a sensation all across the world.

The tea is not of just one type like coffee tea too has many varieties.
The tea varieties and colours are available like the colours of rainbow i.e. white, black , green and many other.

Green tea is extremely popular. Normally tea contains caffeine but herbal tea is known to be caffeine free. In China, this consists of eyebrow-shaped or twisted pieces, tight balls, flat needles, or curled whole leaves.

Japanese green tea leaves are shiny green blades with reddish stalks and stems. Green tea is greenish-yellow in color, with a grassy, astringent quality reminiscent of the fresh leaves.

Scientific studies have shown that both green and black teas prevent cavities and gum disease, and increase the body’s antioxidant activity.
Wu- long or Oolong tea is extremely good for Health.

Tea varieties from India is also very famous. Tea is called "chai" in India. It is a derivation of of original chinese word " Cha." Tea is grown in Darjeeling and Assam in India. Tea from Sri lanka is also famous.

My favourite is Ice Tea and Rose Tea. Flavoured Teas are also extremely popular in the world. Actually flavoured tea are ornaments to the already and originally flavored "tea leaves" who are simple but truly enlighten your Senses!